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The purpose of this website is to allow constituencies of the University of Toronto Engineering Society to upload advertisements. These advertisements will be displayed on the plasma screen that is located in the SF (Sandford Fleming) atrium (more specficially, just outside the Engineering Society Office).


1. Create an image that is 1020 x 680 pixels and that is either a GIF, a JPG or a PNG file.

2. Upload an image using the interface on the right (ensure all fields are PROPERLY filled out). Please note that the start and end dates are inclusive.

3. Once an image is uploaded, VP Communications of the Engineering Society will view the ad and (if appropriate) will approve the ad. Once the ad is approved, it will be displayed on the plasma screen.

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All pictures must be 1020 x 680 pixels. Acceptable files are GIF, JPG and PNG files.

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Any questions about advertisements should be addressed to VP Communications. Any technical questions should be addressed to the Sysadmin or Webmaster.